Volunteering, Internships and Research

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOmaere welcomes volunteers, interns, and researchers who want to help us:

– guide tourists,
– maintain the Park,
– start fires in the traditional houses to make visits more authentic and to conserve the roofs,
– collect firewood,
– reproduce and weed plants,
– prepare natural medicine,
– aid communities in the construction of ecological dry toilets, and
– contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of the Region.

Volunteers should stay for a minimum of one month, cover their own expenses, and be able to speak Spanish, although exceptions can be made for individuals with specialized skills. A limited number of personas may stay in rustic rooms within the Park, or we can help them find places to stay in the city of Puyo. Ecuadorian volunteers who stay on-site contribute $35 per month to help with expenses and foreigners contribute $100 per month. Volunteers who just want to help with maintenance can stay for periods shorter than a month.

Our volunteer program is somewhat unstructured and oriented toward keeping the Omaere Park working and attending to the unpredictable arrival of visitors. We also make natural medicine and build urine-diverting dry toilets in different moments, depending on requests for these and volunteers’ interests. Other activities, including research and environmental education, may be done with the initiative of volunteers. We expect volunteers to be self-starters, responsable, punctual, flexible and easy-going, otherwise we reserve the right to suspend their stay.

Work is from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 to 5, with an hour for lunch. Volunteers should limit their personal activities to their free time.

Interested botanists can aid us in the process of developing an inventory of plant species in the Park.

The knowledge of our volunteers and interns is a priority for the fondation...

The knowledge of our volunteers and interns is a priority for the fondation…

To learn more about volunteering, internships, and research, write to us at



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